Monday, December 12, 2011

5 meses (5 Months!)

I'm a terrible MOTHER!!!
Pictures WILL be posted/uploaded. The countdown for finals to be over and dust to settle comes soon.

In the meantime...I'm incredibly selfish and hug and kiss these to men all to myself in between studying for finals, figuring out how to travel with Dezminho, breathing, walking, talking, yep I'm a selfish person, but the big finale of school is in sight folks.

Until the updated pics, I was TOTALLY rude and ungrateful by not properly crediting the absolutely GORGEOUS photography skills of my friend Rachel!
She's EXTREMELY talented and we loved catching up while catching some fun shots. She's hilarious, beautiful, and one of the most upbeat down-to-earth people I know. Again I've been caught being selfish taking up all the goodness and not crediting sources.

Check her out!

More updated pics are promised before Christmas.
The CUTE Christmas ones here are just a preview...hold your breath for the next few (just not too long). My absolute favorite one that makes me all crazy happy is the father/son one with Dezminho on Dayvisson's shoulders! Ah! What a heartbreaker!!

Okay, really off to to study and done with the study break.
Here's to a quick work week and to some well-deserved family time in the hopefully not so distant future!


Pam said...

Such a cute little 5 month old!!

Freitas Adventures said...

I can't believe that he is 5 months already. Time does go by really fast!

Gosh!!!! Da Silvas We miss you.

Enjoy your Christmas and every single moment, and it is ok to be selfish...I know I am with my two loves!!!!

We love you!!!!!

Merry Christmas Family!!!