Monday, August 27, 2012

We partied UP!

Where to begin?  Dezmen is almost 14 months!!  We had 2 birthday parties for him, one with family and one with a friend.  I know everyone says "They won't remember it", but I did! I had fun making it kind of a big deal and celebrating what an awesome little boy he truly is! That and I'm not in maybe I'm also celebrating not being in school?!?

Dezmen fell asleep from party exhaustion before he could have  birthday cake or we celebrated the following day :) (Family Birthday)

On his birthday day: 
We went to get him some more fitting attire.  He was starting to sport capris instead of pants and we thought that had to change.  Dayv saw this great plastic tonka bike and we surprised Dez with it later. We also FINALLY blew up his fairly large plastic pool and it took some getting used to.  He's pretty cautious in what seemed like an open body of water.  Dayvisson made Brazilian pizza and I made his chocolate cake.  Turns out a one year old can have exhaustion of too much excitement, so we put him to bed and decided to surprise him with his cake the following day.

He got so excited about his candle that while Mom and Dad were making sure the camera was working, he'd check it out.
Dayvisson & I both were freaked and in turn Dezmen let out a big cry of either fear we were yelling or because the candle was hot. Either way, he's okay and he just looked at us while we sang to him.

7/7/12 and super excited about it.
I'd been seeing a lot of fun Disney's "UP" kid themed things and decided that would be a new and adventurous idea I wanted to try. I made some 3D "UP" characters for the party tables, cupcakes, "carl's bowtie salad", and a few other fun things.  
Here was the spread...
...complete with sippy cup
Don't be deceived..3 dimensional paper objects are extremely difficult...but were free from Disney's family website. I decided it was worth a try.
I'd only seen these done before, but Dayv was awesome and hacked open the watermellon like McGyver

More fun food
More fun attempts at creativity..funny enough the paper balloons to the house were too architecturally heavy to fit in the chimney. SO, we put them on a stick nearby.

Dezmen and Daddy making fun faces.
The Blomdals came to party! Molly is 8 months! It was a lot of fun!

Uncle David at the last minute had an awesome idea to dress up as Russel. It was awesome! 
Tasting his birthday cake with attitude.

Complete with goofy glasses that stayed on for 2 seconds, but was fun to put together.
"Point!"...I couldn't help myself.
All in all, I think I finally gave into some really fun pinterest ideas I saw and went for it.  I loved that movie! Dezmen hasn't seen it of course, but someday he will and maybe he'll say "Mom you remember that time when you dressed me up like that?" I'm glad we got to be together and do something fun.  Whew! And then there's planning for when they turn 2??????? :o  Here's looking forward to another one.  Cheers!

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