Monday, November 21, 2011

How do Moms do it all?!?

Just as a heads up, this is a "cleansing" post...not many pics can accompany that.

I find myself asking the question "How does it all get done?" more often than not. Thank goodness we're not expected to be perfect or I'd be in big trouble.

I remember pre-natal Kelsi saying things like "I can find time to exercise. It's important, a no-brainer, I got this" and post-natal Kelsi says "If I can find the time to make dinner, I'm a good person." hahahaha

I feel like I need to verbally say: these are my obstacles. And then climb them as I identify them. I remember working at Y-Be-Fit the #1 complaint was "I don't have time", but i know that it's so much more than that. There's obstacles that are not as important that are getting time slots. Period.

With trying to feed a baby, find the nap time (and successfully execute naptime is even a puzzle sometimes), find the study time, find the food prep time of HEALTHY foods, find the calling time, yikes it makes me think the only solution is "I gotta wake up earlier", which also is interesting because studying after baby goes down for the night is the optimal time to study, which makes me think okay I'll exercise WITH baby during the day, which then turns into...well you can't get too sweaty or that's uncomfortable... and then it comes full circle to okay, i got exercise in, am i in anyway neglecting my child?

Welp, working out the kinks is getting easier to figure out scheduling but huge respect for moms that can go to school and take care of more than 1 child. I think that person's name is Ghandi or Mother Theresa..

But the prayer for balance continues and the balance and adjustment seems to be an eternal effort. Here's to the next 24 hours of trying to find it and the respect for those who have gone before...


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Kika + Olivia said...

Dear Kelsi,
you are AMAZING! And a wonderful wife, mother, friend and student! There will be a lot of decision making in your future now, and it's ok to decide to postpone some things in order to get others done. The moms who "do it all" are not alone, they have a lot of help! They either have daycare help, or babysitter help, or family help or friends help. You can use those too! Enlist your friends to help you when you need, it's ok to ask for help when we really need to get something done but can't on our own. I love you! And I have been a bad friend, I need to visit you SOON! Hugs!!