Thursday, September 1, 2011

These have I loved...

So I wanted to make kind of a collage of images of things that have been SUPER helpful and awesome...
Besides awesome family members and friends to give advice, some helpful websites like, and phone numbers of trusted places has been extremely helpful.


To future pregnant self: is really amazing from 0-12 weeks of life (there are 5 words indicative of what your baby is trying to comunicate...hard to believe, but don't take my word for it just check it out)
Even if you youtube dunstanbaby you will have the gist of it. Again, Amazing stuff.

Dr. Karp - don't be afraid to use a binky, it's a natural reflex...he's the man..

The phone is your friend and you can call many of them for help...friends I mean, not phones :)

Swaddling is amazing! You can make your own! :)
Thanks Aunt K and Kirsten!!

There's no such thing as a perfect parent or a perfect baby, but there are ways to help your baby feel more comfortable...kind of strange looking methods, but somehow those types of things work...

Have a support group!
Things might not be labeled or designated as "mommy" helpful, but you can be creative, and they're often a lot better quality than stuff that is designated...(sorry if that's tmi)

Diaper changings in UT...sanitizer think about one with lotion :) hahaha

Walgreens diapers. Similar to the quality of pampers...have a diaper changing caddy in different rooms :)

All in all, it's just a picture collage of some really awesome things I ran into. If it helps someone else out there in the my future self...AWESOME!


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Amy McFarlane said...

LOVE the happiest baby! we have the miracle blanket, you should check it out.