Thursday, September 1, 2011

8 Weeks and Elated

It's been 8 weeks!
8 weeks and we have been gradually getting into the swing of things.
These past few weeks we had a 30 year Aspen Grove Reunion, a few get-t0gethers with the Starr family, a delicious breakfast with the Utah Woods, crock-pot epiphanies, and lots of smiles.

We also had two flat tires, unexpected craziness, the start of school (and homework..yikes!), late nights, and helping with a wedding.

Lots of firsts, craziness, happiness, and more craziness!
But to show a little Da Silva happy, here's one of Dezmen's smiles captured candidly...
What a cutie! Always happy when Daddy comes home :) 8 am and everyone's happy :)

At the changing table. One of Daddinho's favorite past-times apparently. He lights up like a Christmas tree at the sound of when I start pulling the wipes. Hahahaha
Winking to his adoring fans...or yawning ;)

Fun with Daddy right before bedtime

This is probably one of the coolest captured pictures. Dezmen (youngest) looking back and me and Great-grandma Petty (a little older) looking to the future...kind of Dorthea Lange like right? Only in color...

Great Grandma Petty, Gaige, Krieg, Max (Kirsten's children), and little Dezmen.

This was what we won at Aspen Grove...Dayvisson won this cool hat.
This is of me and my friend Lora, and little Daddinho's in the moby. I won a t-shirt! Free t-shirts never cease to put a smile on my face...
Going down for the night after a fun night with friends at Aspen Grove :)

Our family :)

After a long day of naps, going down for the big one..

At the start of the campfireside show...Dez and I in the moby.

This is my all-time favorite outfit that he has. Unfortunately moments later it was laid to rest until it's revived with some Dreft spray and wash.

Smiles that make nights a breeze...

Summer summer summertime...

trying to grab the camera...

After a long night of studying...

Dayvisson's nose is sometimes confused as the next meal...

And finally: the long promised picture of the final product of Dezmen's room.
8 weeks today and loving the time we share together.

Hope your week is a smooth adjustment too! Cheers!
The Da Silvas


Alicia said...

He is a doll Kels! You look fabulous too! I hope I can see you this year for marathoning??

Rachel said...

LOVE! Cute pictures! I'm so glad you put some up of little Dezzy! What a little handsome chunk he is! I'm so excited to meet him tonight & I love your blog updates! <3