Thursday, August 11, 2011

Is it silly?

I've already started to think about his first birthday theme.

Okay, let's take a step back and think about how big of a sha-bang Brazilians really make out of the whole 1 year birthday...then let's imagine my not so artsy-fartsy way of doing things, a little bit of down-time in between naps and things and just enjoying being a mom, and add up the whole cute factor of firsts of everything and voila...

so i just wanted to post these cool links to blogs that I thought were awesoomeee so i don't forget down the road.

I love the idea of airplanes and possibly combining it with an "UP" type of theme with balloons and things...

Oh the things you can think when you're half awake...

Anyway here's a few links that I LOVED:

1/3 crazy/ 1/3 awake/ 1/3 love


Freitas Adventures said...

Not, it isn't silly at all!
You are a wonderful Mommy!!!! Kisses and more kisses to dear Dezmen from his uncle, aunt and cousin Freitas.


PS: We loved the pics! You guys look really happy. May this happiness, and blessings multiply at every moment for the Da Silvas!!!

We love you

Kelsi Da Silva said...

You guys are so sweet! I still remember Amelie's cute 1st birthday party when she wore that cute little pink dress and everything! Adorable!!! Thanks for always being so inspiring and hope we can talk to you guys soon!!!

Dayvisson, Kelsi, and Dezmen