Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Miracle of Life

He's Here!

Baby Clothes brought to you by all grandparents!

Fun in the tub! First bath in the tub (not in chronological order)

Never too soon to start right

Very first bath at home.

Pacotinha de farinha :) Dez showing his skills during his long naps...

Tummy time with Painho/Daddy

In his bouncer...he loves it

1 month celebration!! We love you!!

I started to write all that had happend, the birth story and things like that, but I think I'll end up saving it for a journal and spare the extra particulars for our little guy when he asks where babies come from...

On that note, being parents has been life changing to say the least. Dayvisson and I always have seen friends been there and thought out loud, "wow you go to the hospital without a baby, and you come home with one. A new family member with their own little personality..."

While thinking about that today I was just pondering the incredible ways of human life. How we all are created and cared for. I feel like I am always in constant wonder how the human body works and how we live in this world the way we do. But I think being a Mom has even (if possible) raised that amazement to an even higher level.

What's sometimes icing on the cake is how he not only was brought to this Earth and functioning, but also that he knows who his parents are. He knows our voices. He knows my smell. He can't say our names yet, but he knows the most rudimentary things about us as mere humans. And he always wants me around for comfort, support, life. It's a beautiful system of dependence, growth, and love. We give to our children as we have been given.

We love Dezmen beyond words. It's really just been one of my ultimate favorite things on the planet to just watch him smile up at me or make little baby coos and noises, to be happy. I find myself instead of napping, trying to read more about parenting and different things to make him the best little Dezmen he wants to be and I really feel blessed that he's here and that we get to have him in our family.

To the incredible creation and Plan of Happiness. Cheers!


The Tchongas said...

He is SO CUTE! I can't wait to hold him! I haven't been visiting you yet cuz I don't want to take Olivia, so I'm trying and trying to find a good time when I don't have her. Hopefully SOON!! love you, Kelsi and Dezmen!!!

Jenn Miyamoto said...

Congratulations guys!! He's so sweet! And we're so excited for you!