Thursday, June 30, 2011

June 29th come and gone...

So it's been aWHILE since our last post...and I (Kelsi) have since removed myself from most social networking until we're all delivered and Dezmen comes.

Yep that might seem frusterating I think to others, but I think there's only so many times a person can say, "yes...still pregnant."

I love Dayvisson SO much for making light of things that seem to make me stressed out in these moments. For example: Particular fun situations when random people I am not familiar with from church or a class from school come up and ask with love "when's your baby going to be born?" (as if I know the answer...) and in response Dayvisson came up with some pretty good answers...or scenarios i guess. "Well, he's tried to come a few times, but I just crossed my legs and he just wouldn't come." hahaha!

Lately, I'm occupying my time working on drafts of my lit review..turning into betty crocker at times, Mother-in-law (Mainha) has been crocheting like crazy (hat, matching booties, gloves, area rug, and currently blanket), Mom came into town on the 28th and has since taken on the responsibility of "natural inducer" (i.e. 1 hour walks, pedicure..very very nice, mexican food, more walking, etc.), Dayvisson's getting in studying for GMAT and working on his running workout (half marathon/marathon), and life carries on while I try my best not to think about the clock (hard to do with lots of inquiring minds...).

Waiting isn't too bad, it's mostly feeling like a million eyes are magnified on the current situation and it's kind of exhaustive.

Only one day over and I'm already feeling the heat. Over the past 72 hours I've thought seriously about getting a tattoo on my forehead that says "ACOG okays 42 weeks maximum" just to make it known i'm not making things up.

Forgive the ranting. I guess not a whole lot to think about besides trying to be the best Mom I can with the things that I learn. Everybody's different and I don't want to force my opinions on other people, but it can be frusterating when it feels like a lot of opinions get sent your way.

And the cookies are done and out of the oven. Well, here's hoping for our little cookie coming our way soon! Cheers!


Pam said...

that chocolate chip cookie looks SO good. Now I'm suddenly craving one :) love ya, Kelsi!

Dayvisson and Kelsi said...

I made like 3 dozen choc chip cookies, you should TOTALLY come grab a plate!
:)Holy cow!! miss u too!!

Kate Curtis said...

You have made such a comfy place for him he doesn't want to come out! Such a good mom! I am excited for you and your new little family!

Freitas Adventures said...

Sista, I felt so bad, perhaps I was one of those inquiring minds. I just want to wish you guys all the best. Hope you are feeling fine.

We love you,

hugs, and more hugs

Freitas Family

Rachel said...

AHh that's killer! I can't imagine your patience waring thin with little babe being late! That happened with my cousins' first, too! You'll be a GREAT mom, Kels! & Dayvisson a wonderful pops! I hope I get to meet this little gem!

The Wife said...

I bet that's tough, Kels. Good luck with the waiting! Can't wait to meet your little boy :)