Thursday, May 26, 2011

The New Place...35 weeks!!

Moved in and it's awesome!
Looking back, the fun week is over and just trying not to count too close or expect things to happen on point, but that doesn't keep things from being exciting.
Baby's room is getting there and we're just looking to add some pictures to the walls and do a little decorating.

Mom surprised us (um, i guess grandma or avo shortly...) and got us the crib which looks lovely and Dayvisson and I couldn't wait to put together. I've spent a lot of time researching quality items for good prices and finally settled on a Graco 4-in-1 that I felt like was a steal of a deal. I love good deals and after getting a lot of advice about getting a crib that was certified, not falling apart, or used, I had looked around and feel really happy with it so far. I felt like it was Christmas just putting it all together and almost cried when it came in the ginormous box (hormones i promise).
Here's what the bedding looks like:

We're sticking with blue and brown colors and I'll try and take some pictures of the finished room as we get there, but every step is something I look forward to.

A lot of baby talk, but we're really excited!!

Other news, we're having lots of friends move in and out of the ward which makes me think back to the time that we moved in and not knowing anyone. It's been really nice to get to know so many people, and it's hard to watch so many of them go, but hope they know how much they've meant to us and know they're moving on to bigger and cooler stuff (ie Brazil, NY, SLC, etc..)!!

Dayvisson's working hard and studying for the GMAT more lately since we've gotten a little more situated, but it was really upsetting to see that his half marathon that he's been training really hard for lately just got "postponed". I've never seen anything like that happen before and it's really disappointing to say the least. They postponed the date to the 4th of July and so we're looking out for another day. Again, very disappointing.

Speaking of races, we also won the lottery!!! Wahoo!!!
Not the money winning kind, but the kind that says "congratulations you get to run in the st george desert and discover yourself for 26.2 miles"

Here's what the starting line looked like last year...crazy!!

Count down is T-127 Days. Wowzers.
It was a great thing last year and it's honestly one of the most organized races I'd ever seen (with all the big running race experience i have - please note sarcasm - THAT said..especially in comparison to the Halloween Half where the mile markers had gotten mixed up or left out..kind of sad, or the recent postponement of the capital race in SLC...).

I've been working on campus at Y-Be-Fit and working on my thesis. Yoga has been my newest exercise of choice along with walking to work and around town has been liberating.

Tomorrow we're really looking forward to taking some awesome pictures with our friend and amazing photographer Marco! I've taken some by myself with my friend Danielle from back home which we loved and were awesome, we just weren't able to take some all together including Dayvisson. So we're really excited to all take pictures together and have some fun.

Hope the weather continues to be beautiful! Cheers!


Pam said...

I can't believe you're 35 weeks!!! And congrats on winning the lottery!

Alicia said...

I love your obsession with the marathon now!!! YES! Cant wait to see your cute baby!

Freitas Adventures said...

Happy to hear so many wonderful news. We love you and wish you always the bestsssssssss!

Love u dear family!!!!