Saturday, January 1, 2011

Christmas and New Years!

Looking back on 2010, lots of great things!
Kelsi ran a Marathon in St George in October and a half-marathon for Halloween while 8 or 9 weeks pregnant, Dayvisson's working in Provo, Dayvisson got certified as a Pharmacy Tech, We both graduated "officially" from institute (awesome!!!!), Kelsi graduated with her bachelor's and got accepted to grad school, Kelsi got 2 new awesome jobs at BYU that she LOVES in teaching and consulting, Dayvisson ran his first 4-miler for Thanksgiving, we celebrated our 3rd year anniversary in Sun Valley Idaho and Rexburg where it all began, oh hey! we got pregnant!, we moved to a new apartment, Kelsi played rugby for BYU (pre-pregnancy), Dayvisson finished MBA essays and signed up f0r the GMAT, we had lots of friends and relatives come stay in our "spare-oom"(Rodrigo, Marcelo, Jill, Kevin, David, Kelsi's Mom), celebrated Todd's wedding, celebrated friends weddings, Kelsi started grad school, and Dayvisson's almost finished his year on the night shift!!!!
Christmas we spent in California again, which was great to see family and celebrate with the CA Woods, but we're extremely hopeful that we can make it to Brazil for our whole little family. However, we had a great time being together for the whole week! This makes it Dayvisson's 4th Christmas away from home, so that's why all the nostalgia. Every year I think about how tough that is to have a cold christmas instead of the beach christmas with your family and all the traditions he's accustomed to, so here's hopin!!!
CA Christmas we got to go to Ghiradelli Square and SF, spend time with family, watched a few movies, and spent a rather unusually quieter Christmas. Since about week 11 or so of this pregnancy, this baby does not i repeat NOT good with meat or meat smells or any of the stuff that before would have meant "put some SHRIMP on the BAR-B!! Let's call it a COOK-ouT!" In Utah in our little apartment Dayvisson's been more than sweet about being understanding by grilling his meal outside while I hide and open windows in whatever room I'm in...hahahaha! Unfortunately in CA, and fortunately, people do eat meat and eat it inside. That meant turkey, crockpot pulled pork, carnitas, lentil soup (i know it sounds like there's no meat in there...but hey!), Costco's glorious glazed ham that I am usually over the moon about. Needless to say, I'd been spoiled in Utah with my vegetarian ways.
At 15 weeks now, I'm crossing my fingers this kid will let me back into the carnivorous world any day now and eat a normal sized meal. if not, hey I've gotten creative with meals like a handful of almonds, a few clementines, carrots and ranch, and a glass of milk. I love our baby so much already and I'm willing to do whatever it takes to make sure they're healthy. It's a mad world we live in. I have never been at a table in my life and thought "how can i put some of this down?" AND I know it can be a bajillion times worse!! Some women have to get IVs?!?! So baby, let's DO THIS!!!!
Happy New Year Everyone! Hope this year is another one filled with great promise and new adventures!!!

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