Saturday, February 12, 2011

We're Having a Boy!!!

A quick recap of this past month:
Dayvisson's been busy with work and studying lately along with being THE best husband I could ever ask or hope for. He's also been really diligent about working out on the set plan he has to run a half marathon this spring before "the little man" comes. Working hard and having some fun on his weeks off this month has been a lot to look forward to.
As for me, lots of school work, working, and my strength training class have all been part of the regimen. It's really funny though to notice how much more tired I am at the end of the day...well almost end of the day. These days I'm looking at sleeping around 7 or 8, which is a shocker, but also good for the 3 of us.
February 8 -
Jill, Dayvisson, and I got to watch on a sonogram jumbo-tron as we got to sneak a peek at our baby! Every time a student in one of my classes would ask, "what do you think you will have?" my response was always, "A healthy baby! Hopefully not with 5 arms!" hahahaha It made looking at all of the baby's organs all the more exciting, not to mention the human body alone is extremely fascinating to me as it is. Blame it on the hormones I guess and the fact that I love the area of health, but I was sobbing by the first picture we got to see of the brain, kidneys, ossified bones, the tiny hands and feet! It was so exciting that part alone!! But when the time came to find out boy or girl, we were so excited to see we were having a boy!! I immediately looked at Dayvisson to tell him we had better find an awesome name. Hahahaha!
After that, I had planned an ice cream party with the girls from the grad program to celebrate and just hang out in general (it has been a rough few weeks of non-stop studying and assignments). So, we got some ice cream (meanwhile celebrating in the parking lot, no details will be had there :) ) and headed home.
We immediately got on skype to talk with our friends/family in Peru The Freitas to let them know the news, followed by calls to Great Grandma Petty, Grandma/Grandpa Wood, and Grandma/Grandpa Da Silva.
After that, we went to Provo to Charity's (one of the girls in the grad program) and had some ice cream and good conversation to celebrate and hang out.

It was a great day, one that I feel will and has changed our connection with our future son to build a connection for his future. We're so excited to have him in our family and excited for the new adventures we'll all share. Preparation-wise we've started couponing for diapers and wipes, we've purchased a "travel system" (car seat/stroller combo...see above), and for whatever reason be it language excited or just excited in of my favorite things to look for is baby books! I remember times at Aspen Grove and some of the best moments with all the little kids was reading and singing to them to keep them calm. And I'm really excited to stock up on a little library of Portuguese and English board books that will be memorable and helpful in the future.

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Parabéns!!!! será um atleta que nem a mãe!