Saturday, June 12, 2010

10 Mile!!

Provo Riverwoods 10 mile did not disappoint, but the t-shirts kinda did...
Pancake Breakfast w/ Dayvisson!! Yayyyy!!!!!
Here's the running crew, looking fab-u-lous!

So, I decided to sign up for a the Riverwoods 10 mile a couple months ago (a couple meaning two :)...and asked a friend to register a few weeks ago...and she decided to invited a few of our other friends! How awesome! We had a group of four of us to run down the beautiful shady riverwoods trail.

I highly recommend it to anyone! I was quicker than I anticipated, so that was good, and the overall experience was very postive. It makes me really excited for the St George in October. And hopefully Dayvisson and I can do something together sometime this year or the next. It's just an awesome way to train, feel good, and have a goal.

I'll be posting post-race pictures soon (sorry i'm a little lazy about that sometimes..)!

In other news, Jill's back to stay with us until she moves into an apartment closer to campus. Dayvisson's enjoying the every other week of his job (as am I!!!!!). We cleaned our car inside and out (i know, very exciting). Our friend Marcelo will be in town for a week visit in a couple weeks. And Eclipse is coming out on the 30th! Very exciting.

See ya next time!

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