Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Adventure is out there! (see Facebook for more photos)

Hanging with the Freitas in Arequipa!

Saqsaywaman (or is it sexy woman?!)

Russel from Up (our tour guide)!

John Deere?

Emperors New Groove: "I'm a Llama face!!"

They looked hungry...

Baby llama!
Itchy llama

The Sacred Valley

Condor, Snake, and... (the 3)

Yucca!!! our FAVORITE!! Yumm-o!

San Francisco!!!

I've missed Goiaba THAT much...

So, I'm going to try to post much fewer than I did on literally took me a good 4 hours..

Peru was just THAT awesome to take pictures of.


The Rays said...

awesome pictures! That looks like so much fun!

Clara Schettini said...

foi bem divertido hein!?!?!
adorei as fotos!