Monday, July 5, 2010

Happy 3rd, 4th, and 5th!!!

What a crazy weekend!

Friday night was in the hospital visiting our friend Andrea Campbell with Jill, Kristen Oviatt, and Justin Benson. We made balloon animals to cheer her up, joked around, and caused a little mischief around the hospital...but all in good humor. We also got a call from Todd announcing his engagement to Alaina earlier that evening and are very excited for them both. They've set a date for August 14th in Bountiful and we're hoping that Dayvisson might get that week off to also be free to help Kristen with her graduation bbq on the 13th. We'll see how it goes!

Saturday Todd and Kelsi played in the Freedom 3v3 Tournament that happens around the 4th every summer. Unfortunately it wasn't the usual 8 games, there were only 4, so we were a little disappointed about it, but played on. We ended up with a pretty low record to say the least, but it was enjoyable. 1/4.

After that, Kelsi went running another 5 miles to try and reach her 14 mile quota for the day, but probably fell a few short. However, good running day!

Funny enough, Dayvisson anticipated my over-eagerness of hanging out and let me know he was tired when he said that morning"don't wake me up from sleeping unless we are going somewhere right then and there." hahahahhaahaha! SO, i was a very courteous quite stepper around the house to get ready to go down to the Veteran's Pool & the usual KFC once a year guilty pleasure, woke him up, and we rolled out.

Veteran's was perfect! Only 2 hours, but was the perfect physical ending to the perfect physically exhausting day! Jill, Danny, Todd, Dayvisson, and I all went. It was a blast!

After the traditional stuff, Dayvisson had to leave for work and I was the tag-a-long at the fireworks festivities where we sat on the Provo Temple lawn to watch the Stadium of Fire fireworks. Unfortunately, I get pretty nauseous at the end of the evening and wanted to go visit Dayvisson at work to see if there was any meds he'd recommend. I slept the whole way home to Orem and fell dead asleep when I reached home.

The actual fourth? We went to our good friends' Marshal and Nani's baby blessing and brunch, which was so exciting!! I loved how Marshal did the blessing in Portuguese and then it was immediately translated and then Nani bore her testimony in English. Hats off! That was probably the coolest thing everrrrr!! I hope I will be able to reach that state of epic bi-lingual-ness when we reach that point for our family.

After that, we came home and took naps/slept for awhile, and I woke up naturally after 3 hours. Jill is still sick and asked for a blessing, so I rushed down to Provo to get her some meds, and brought down a few staple ingredients to make her dinner. It's been a week that she's had this cough/sore throat/raspy voice/congestion, so she's pretty upset to say the least.

Later, came home and brought Dayvisson some of the spoils, said goodbye, and really grateful to be married to such an inspired man. I always feel like he gives some of THE best world class advice. So excited for the future and the next few chapters of our life together!! He really will be the best father!

And in random news, I've recently really gotten into Jane Austen! After watching "Becoming Jane" I really was curious to look into more of her I youtube'd sense and sensibility to check it out. Highly recommend Jane Austen and really feel ignorant for not running into such an accomplished female author sooner.

Till next time!

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