Monday, April 5, 2010

It's almost been a year since I posted last!?!?!?!?!

The year in review since August:
-Dayvisson surprised me with a fun camping trip in the mountains of Springville (apparently Spanish Fork Canyon), which was amazing! Also, it was a big treat to come back to a "lightly remodeled" basement. What a stud. :) -August

Fall semester:
-Dayvisson has been busy preparing to take a pharmacy tech test this April and going to classes.
-November we celebrated our anniversary at Bear Lake which was a BLAST!
-Thanksgiving I was sick and wasn't able to visit the cousins, so we had an impromptu Thanksgiving with some friends who were in Provo.
-Christmas we spent in Benicia with some of our family.
-New years we spent in Orem with the Brazilian Ward. BEST decision EVER! Food, fun, music, and great people to celebrate!

-Early January we got to have Jill stay with us for a little less than a week before heading to Jerusalem, which was awesome! SO excited for her there, but oddly enough while I'm writing this, she's coming home in 2 weeks.
-February had my birthday, so we went to the usual free meal at Tucanos, but this time went to SLC and was pretty disappointed about service and silly things. HOWEVER, we got another car BECAUSE...
-WE MOVED! Early March late February we moved into a 4-plex, which we LOVE!! Tons more room, friends and family to have come visit, for some reason I've realized it is more relaxing, and we love waking up to natural light. We miss our old place, but happy to be moving on which MEANS...
-We're in a new WARD! We decided it would be a great time for me to keep up with Portuguese and be more familiar before we start adding to our family.
-Dayvisson has been transferred to a store in Provo, which means he'll have an easier commute for work, be working on a regular schedule, but it will be at night, so it's a change.
-I also got accepted to grad school at BYU's Exercise Science program for Fall 2010, which was really exciting (and still very much is!), and will be working with one of my professors ever!
- David came and spent a weekend with us to hang out, which was awesome! We went to Pizza Pie Cafe which has really become one of our favorite places and apparently a lot of others as well. We saw The Blind Side at the Dollar, he came to my rugby game (oh yeah, I joined rugby in January!), we went to Zuppas (we were first timers, and it was also quite good), Costco for the usual free sampling Saturday, Comedy Sports (a guy actually proposed to his girlfriend which was probably one of the weirdest things I've ever seen in a skit), Betos, family dinner, and taking him back to the airport. We did a lot and had a great time!
- Mom came and spent this very last weekend with us from March 31 - April 4. We took her to Charlie Chows for dinner Wednesday when she came in. Thursday we thought we'd get in the pool at the Y but it didn't work out and she came to my Teachings of the Living Prophets class, Exercise Prescription with funny Dr. Allsen, and surprised Ryan in one of his ethics classes for his birthday. We went to Gold's to swim, the bookstore to get a few sweatshirts she was interested in, L&T for lunch with Todd, Rodizio for Ryan's birthday, and Ryan and Rachel's for birthday cake that Rachel made which was awesome. Friday, we took a 1.5 mile walk at a close park, checked out dresses at DownEast and was somewhat disappointed, went to my ACSM class where she was my guinea pig for a client testing, then back up to Gold's to swim for an hour, then home to change, Kohl's to window shop, Todd's soccer game at the IPF, and Cafe Rio for dinner. Saturday we got tickets for the morning session and afternoon Todd had tickets so Mom got to see a full day's worth of conference live. Sunday we just went for the morning session for Easter and came home to have a family dinner and watching conference at home. It was a busy, but fun weekend.

Future 2 weeks:
Graduation, finals, registering for certification tests, Dayvisson's new job, hopefully going to sign up for the St George Marathon for October, and looking for an exercise goal for the next month before Peru...

Summer Plans:
- We're MORE than excited to say we're going to Arequipa, Peru to go visit our friends/family and tour the town! We leave in May around the 13th! Just verrrry excited!
- I got an internship at Y B Fit for the spring/summer and also very excited to be applying what I'm learning. Also signed up for an assistanship job on campus, which i am ecstatic to start up in fall. Basically, I will be teaching sports classes on campus like jogging, weight lifting, HEPE type classes, and of course SOCCER!

Will be updating soon...

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