Thursday, August 6, 2009

English Class and Hanging out with the neices!

I have an English Class every Saturday where I help out a friend from church and answer questions about culture and ask the students about their culture.
Last Saturday everybody brought some Brazilian cuisine. There was brigadeiro, ¨sighs¨i dont remember the word in portuguese, 2 types of cake that wasnt made with flour but was good, some kind of lemon mousse, pão de queijo (that was my favorite!), and I brought my chocolate chip cookies and snickerdoodles. It was cool.

When I came home from class, Sarah and Sophia were playing and I guess we decided to be a bunch of fatties! hahahahaha The pictures are the events that followed...
Fake-o chunkers!
Too much coxinha for Sarah! rsrsrsWe did surprised faces...Sad faces...Just weird faces I guess...
I think we´re singing...or tired?
And Sophia had a diet shake and last weight...sell-out! rsrsrsrsSarah, Sophia, and me

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Kika+Trevor said...

no way, you seem to be having so much fun! can you bring some coxinhas and brigadeiros.. yum!! :)