Saturday, May 1, 2010

Graduation and upcoming events!

So, since the last "update" we have been through a few momentous occasions.

As was hopefully mentioned, I was planning on graduating on June 23 and guess what?!? That day has finally come and gone. It was pretty crazy overall, but a day that I don't think you're supposed to forget. Mom, Dad, Grandma, David, and even Jill flew in (from Jerusalem of course) for the big 4 kids graduating. Ryan and Rachel, Todd, and myself all walked the line. Unfortunately we weren't organized about walking together, but I guess we really exercised freedom of expression at 8 am on Thursday and two at 11am. So glad we are all individuals...

We had lovely meals including a wonderful Sundance dinner in the mountains, Carabbas, and my personal wish list fulfilled...Dayvisson at the barbecuer. Dayvisson is THE MAN...just sayin. Complete with bbq pineapple, bacon wrapped chicken (my own personal favorite), filet mignon, new york steak, pork, and garlic beef! Just thinking about it makes my mouth water...

I was actually quite stressed the few days before graduation believe it or not! For one reason or another, I put it upon myself to organize large events for the Wood Family. New York, Christmas outtings, and any unusual visits just to name a few. However, this time my Dad assured me that I would not have to do it this time, which was very relieving. Unfortunately, that left a lot of stressful situations for me since a few different things. BUT, to make a long story short, thank goodness for Dayvisson's intuition! Seeing my struggle Dayvisson had me take some deep breathes and then figure out what I wanted to do, which was: 1. Take some pictures 2. Have a homemade Brazilian BBQ Both of which TOTALLY happend and were awesome. So grateful! It was all wonderful!

Since graduation, Dayvisson's been adjusting to the night shift, PASSED the Pharmacy Tech Test!!!!!!, and is helping work out arrangements for our Peru trip on May 13th! I've been starting my new job at Y Be Fit on campus, studying for a few different certifications, and trying not to freak out about not really knowing any legitimate Spanish for Peru (and helping a little as well). Also, we have Jill (my little sister) staying with us for the rest of the summer since her job at Yellowstone wasn't all it was cracked up to be. So, we've been having her stay with us in our spare bedroom and cooking just a little bit more to compensate. It's been so awesome to have her stay with us!!! We're hopeful that she'll be able to find a job that she can apply to her major and enjoy.

Just a plug for our AMAZING photographer, Marco Greis! Man, if anyone is looking for a photographer for literally ANY occasion, he is your man! We had a great time just having fun and taking some wonderful and memorable shots! I can't say enough nice things about him! Look no farther! He brought out the personalities of all the people he shot in our photos, accentuated the positive, and came up with some really creative ideas. Couldn't be happier.

The top picture is just a sample... one of our "signature" poses.

Until the next post...Cheers!

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