Monday, June 22, 2009

Brasil so far!

Just some brief updates.


The first thing we noticed when we got off the plane was that everyone was wearing masks at the receiving point when Brazilians and ¨others¨. Apparently, Brasil´s airport in Recife is taking all preventative and non-necessary precautions to protect their country.
Next, Kelsi met all of the nieces, and the 3 sisters. Deborah, Dayvisson´s sister who´s had some medical problems in the past was a back-breaker hugger and she´s known for not taking no for an answer...very strong.

We all piled into a party bus and I was given my first taste of juice ¨suco de ova¨which was different and some sweet popcorn called ¨pipoca doce¨ and the nieces are all under the age of 6 and all really awesome to be with because they speak simple things.
Our first stop was at a bunch of houses to meet old friends and places that their family has lived in Recife. It was all very different, and I almost smacked a motorcyclist in the head when I stuck out my hand out the window. The cars drive pretty close together on the roads.

First thing I ate was at a churrasco where the ketchup had a hint of a rum taste and the place had mouthwash in the bathrooms and there were two vendors who just walked into this outdoor restaurant. One vendor sold cds which one dayvisson bought two cds from and lowered the price, and the other was selling belts and demonstrating how cool they were at the table. Really funny! Another thing cool about the food I noticed there was that the flavors were super strong! Nobody beat around the bush to demonstrate that their was salt or that soda was soda or vinagrette was vinagrette. Everything had a kick and it was awesome. We took pictures

After, we went to a friend´s house (Marlene) (*this was very awesome because I tried Dayvisson´s favorite juice suco de caja*) and tried to fix our party bus´s AC because it wasn´t working which was pretty difficult because it was extremely hot and humid. After a few hours that Dayvisson´s Dad and the driver were gone and playing with the neices, we went to the Recife Temple lodge, left all of our huge luggages there, took showers (after the 24 hour trip, so I was way excited), and went to an institute dance nearby to see some old friends of the family and dance. EVERYBODY went, including the neices but apparently it´s common. It was really hot but a lot of fun and we took pictures and met Fred and other friends.

We went back to the temple lodge to sleep and I continued to try to communicate with everybody. Especially the neices and Daysiane who speak slow enough for me to understand things. We played Uno and went to bed. Awesome day!

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