Monday, June 22, 2009

The Party Bus


We woke up at 10am and realized we slept really soundly. After having a little breakfast of cheese with bread and some yogurt drink that I really like *super filling and tastes good, two really good things*, we piled into the party bus and went to pick up Danielle and Maeinha from Olinda (they went to a business meeting). After picking them up, we went to Old Olinda and it was amazing!!!! I loved everything!!! As we got into this old downtown where they have Carnival, some guy jumped into our car and told us he´d help us get around. Apparently he noticed what kind of an obvious tourist I was with my head out the window taking pictures of everything I saw because it was all new and exciting and different and in another language. So like any official tour guide, he told us all kinds of crazy stuff about the old city. We saw the first law college of Brazil that was established, big dolls that they use for Carnival, an old hospital, ¨the most beautiful woman in the world, or maybe it was just brazil¨i forget...but we took a picture of her, and little carts selling different knick knacks. Apparently, Dayvisson haggled to lower the price of a pair of earrings and a necklace that we bought. I also tried tapioca for the first time with cheese, butter, and coconut. The tapioca wasn´t like anything I feel like I could describe and the coconut wasn´t sweet, it was just crunchy, but it was good and different. We took lots of pictures there. We also bought little umbrellas from a guy on the street for a good price according to everyone since Dayvisson´s Dad is one of the best world hagglers.

After that, we went back to the temple´s lodge and bought some different church things in portuguese. I really like hanging out with the neices and they seem to like correcting me a lot and it´s pretty funny to understand that my portuguese isn´t good because i´m an american and they only speak the truth. hahahahaha. but I think I´m getting better!!!

After the lodge, we went to a local church that was apparently an old church that the family used to go to when they lived in Recife. It was really awesome to meet so many great people and speak with different people and understand more. I tried my first coxinha in brasil and seafood type coxinha which I forget the name for right now. We also met Dayvisson´s brother Junior and his wife Julianne for the first time for me. They´re all just really nice. After the party or reunion of a few friends, we went outside and I saw an American for the first time since the day before which was kind of weird, so I was really excited. It was an American missionary and I just yelled at him ¨hey you´re an american me too!!!!! Where are u from???!!!¨and talked with him a little bit. I guess he was surrounded by a lot of kids under the age of 8 which I hadn´t realized until a little boy about that age came up to me while I was about to get into the party bus and just stared at me for a good 15 seconds like I was an alien. I asked him how he was in portuguese and english and he barely answered me and then ran away. It was really funny!!!

We piled into the party bus again to go to Campina Grande where Dayvisson´s family is living right now because Dayvisson´s sister´s husband is studying to get a degree there to get a PhD. Anyways, we got in the bus and watched ¨Provo de Fogo¨which was kind of different.
We were on our way there and finally got to his parents house and slept like rocks.


Helga said...

I wanna hear ALL about the Sao Joao in Campina Grande and about the Institute Party... :P Miss you guys! Have FUN

Diana said...

i am so excited for you! that is awesome you are finally in brazil! thanks for posting, i love the updates!!!

Clara Schettini said...

foi bem animado hein!?!
meus pais me contaram de uma reunião que teve com todo mundo aí...
aproveitem bem!