Friday, June 12, 2009

Summer updates

So, I'm not even a big fan of country music, but I think there's something about some country songs that make u feel like you grew up there for some reason. I really love that song by Jason Aldean - She's Country.

just a thought.

also...6 days people!!!! 6!!! at this time next week, we will be in BRAZIL!!! It's hard to wait to see so many people who live so far away! Driving me crazy! hahahahahaha

Dayvisson and I are playing in a championship intramural soccer game tonight at 8:15 at the RB outdoor field if anyone is at all interested.

And I finally used my payless gift card. 4 pairs of shoes!!! i love getting deals (and i think dayvisson likes that too hahahaha)!!

AND 2 more finals to go until i'm through for the summer!!!!! yahoooooooooooooooo!!! and really happy about life right now... :)


Rachel said...

oh awesome!!!! I can't believe you're headed out! We better catch eachother in our intense game of phone tag before you actually leave! I'm so excited for both of yall too! What an awesome trip that'll be! Will you be back for fall semester? Good luck in your soccer game! and that song is fabulous :)

Clara Schettini said...

vocês estão vindo para o Brasil!
quanto tempo vão ficar por aqui???
sim...e boa sorte na partida de hoje..