Thursday, March 26, 2009

From Carotid Saint George, Halloween, Anniversary, Thanksgiving in SF, Christmas Party (Ward & Friends), Kelsi's Birthday, to our Las Vegas Trip!

The perfect ending to a wonderful vacation in Vegas!
What happens in Vegas? We don't know.
I love this shot of Moroni
Awesome time in Las Vegas
We couldn't decide who was recording who?
A fun picture of our friends at the Las Vegas temple!
Michael and Jack?
Jack Sparrow was a little more tipsy than usual...
We couldn't seem to escape the inevitable visit to Walgreens on the strip!
Ferrari or Viper today?

Harley Davidson bikes in front of the Cafe...the cops didn't seem to mind :)

The Harley Davidson Cafe

It was a beautiful day and we made fun memories!

Aline & Fonseca
Us at Bellagio

Bellagio! One of our favorite spots in Vegas!

At Bellagio looking at the Paris.

LAS VEGAS!: A great spontanious trip in March! With Fonseca and Aline for Aline's BIRTHDAY!!!!!!

Aline, Fonseca, and Rodrigo...faladores! rsrsrsrsrs!

The Freitas Family, Wagner, and Fonseca's foot, Rodrigo

Marionho, Phoenix, and baby Melody inside Mommy Phoenix!!

Hanging out with Rachel and Diana

The set up! YUM! It was grrrreat!
Kelsi's Birthday: Dayvisson the pizzaria chef extraordinare!


Valentine's Day Dance Stake Activity! We brought the chocolate fountains! Wahoo!


Setting up for the ward Christmas party!

CHRISTMAS: Kelsi and Dayvisson made all 14 center pieces. A special thanks to Provo City Park for donating the life-like fern branches and the dollar tree!!! :)

Our 2nd place in the girls intramural tourny...ahhh it was a devastating blow...but good times. Thanks to Coach Dayvisson!

A very rare picture. Most of the family that we don't get very often. At Red Lobster celebrating Jill and Kevin's birthdays

Kelsi at the yacht club.

Mom and Kelsi

I LOVE this picture of my Mom. She's so cute!

Us at the pier and the Benicia Bridge!

Pier shots in beautiful Benicia

Thanksgiving on First Street with part of the family. Kevin, Mom, Jill, and Kelsi.

Where we shop often...Sacks Fifth Avenue


Pier 39! We saw the pearl people and everything!

After one year, returning to our honeymoon spot! Muito Legal!

View of the Golden Gate

I love hills.

Sears tower?

More from our anniversary. Kelsi was excited to cook all Brazilian food!

Beautiful view of Alcatraz at the tower

He could pass for a Rickshaw Driver?? It looks like the guy in the background's already calling him...

The lanterns were so beautiful! I'd have them everywhere in my home if I could!

At the gates of China Town!

Our funny friends Eddie and Nathalie! Such a CUTE picture!

Thanksgiving w/ famous maccacos in San Francisco!

and Estroganoffe!

Kelsi made Brazilian rice!

Kelsi trying to look domestic...?

The best 1st YEAR!!

Our 1 Year!
A good Halloween summary.

Krystal! Such a perfect picture for this Snow White. Her Dracula Dad won the bobbing for apples contest!

The beautiful princesses playing during our party!

Claudia was a beautiful witch, despite the brew and poison bobbing for apples! :)

A pirate!!

Amelie! She was the talk of all fashion at the costume party!
Dayvisson and his second companion Elder Calvert!
Dayvisson w/ his friend Eddy from Panama! From the ELC!
At the Senior Games! Got to watch the Brazilian Mens Volleyball team! It was awesome!
We did this from 8am-5pm! It was one of the most popular booths at the Senior Games! Wonderful experience!
So fun! Carotid Artery Screenings! Loved it!!!


Marshall, Nany and Max said...

dude, so many pictures! It looks like you guys had a lot of fun. Did you know that we went to San Fran on our honeymoon too? Time flys. Hope all is well. -Marshall

Kate the Great said...

Awesome pictures! Looks like you guys have had a great year. Take lots of pictures in Brazil!!!!

Clara Schettini said...

Parece que vc tem se divertido bastante, hein?!?!
foi ótimo ver novas fotos e saber que stá tudo bem com vocês por aí...
lembrei das pizzas do santana...
e kelsi ficou ótima de "dona de casa" hehehe

Rachel said...

ah perfect summary! I loved all the pictures!