Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Late Fall

We recently celebrated our one year anniversary!
Kelsi made estroganoffe, brazilian rice, garlic bread, and we had martinellis!
We celebrated our official anniversary at the cheescake factory in draper and it was delicious and best of all it was free (thanks to a few gift cards). Both celebrations were equally enjoyable and it's gone by so fast.

Pictures to follow and more updates will follow since Kelsi will be able to update more after half of her finals are finito!


Kika+Trevor said...

eitcha que chique!! nao fui no cheesecake factory ainda, eh bom ne?

Parabens pelo ano de casados, passa rapido :)

Tracy Haws said...

I can't believe it has already been a year since your wedding. Congrats!. Where will ya'll be this christmas? Trzacy and I and the kids are coming to the bay area and we will be in the sacramento area for a couple days around New Years. Maybe we could meet up. I saw the YouTube video of the Hino da Missao Sao Paulo Sul. It didn't have a date of when that was sung, but that was after our time right. I don't rememeber all the extra parts that were thrown in there but it has been a while. It would be pretty cool if they were still singing it today.

I hope we can catch up some time,

Edward Haws

Clara Schettini said...

Parabéns pra vocês!!
passa rapido né?!?!
nem acredito que já vão fazer três anos que casei...
que essa comemoração se repita eternamente!!

Rachel said...

:D congrats! That's so great!