Tuesday, May 10, 2011

To 32 Weeks and Beyond!

How time has flown by!

June 29th doesn't sound quite so laughably far away anymore!
Childbirth graduation and certificates have been received, baby showers have come and now gone, our plans to "eventually move back to Provo" have been almost realized, baby's room is coming together, this spring semester has already begun, and we are Rollin'!

The baby showers were amazing and I'm so glad we did a Brazilian/ward baby shower and BYU/American baby shower. I've been to a few of each and I know it can be hard sometimes for there to be a mix of the cultures in terms of just differences in language and celebration ideas (coxinha versus sandwiches). Many thanks to Kika and Breckann, Charity, and Jill for helping and plan them. They were awesome!! It was great to hang out and talk about babies with tons of friends and family!!

Dayvisson and I deemed this "fun week". Fun being: packing, unpacking, decorating, minimal commuting (most likely walking to destinations like work and school which i am THRILLED about! :) BYU now will only be a 10 minute walk away), selling things we don't need, checking out KSL, and some pretty big changes for our family.

We recently sold our mazda, so it also leaves us with one car, which is excellent for the crazy gas prices going on right now. We've joked about the closeness of Walgreens to our new place being within such close distance that should Dezmen want to visit Daddy at work, that can be arranged :)

Lots of dreams about how life will change! Lots of dreams of firsts of everything including the diaper changes, talking, walking, crawling, sitting up, moving in general, smiles, laughs, and cries. I'll admit to singing to him already and as funny as it sounds it feels like he really likes the lullabye: "Baby mine" from the Disney movie dumbo. I'm CRAZY about lullabies!! If I haven't already said it, I'm really looking forward to singing him to sleep, bathing, and reading books like "Goodnight Moon" to him. I know we feel so much love for him already and we're excited to meet him SOON!

I guess we've mentioned it here and there, but we've settled on a name for our little tough guy. We decided it had to be a "D" name, Portuguese/English friendly, hopefully 2 syllables (long story), and kind of unique but heard of. Pretty tall order.

After all that, we also decided his middle name should start with a "J" just because should he want to use his initials later on in life, cool with us. I've always liked DJ as a name and it just "feels" good. So those were our initial ideas and we've come up with and our HAPPY and EXCITED about:

Dezmen Josef Da Silva

I am in LOVE with the spelling of the first name just because I feel like it's perfect (Dez = 10 in portuguese and men = men in english. Super clever right?). And it's a plus because of the whole 10 men sounds like a solid strong man in the future. Josef we decided on because of 2 reasons, family name and spiritual significance.
The end.

Here's to the fun week! Cheers!


Amy McFarlane said...

i'm sad i couldn't make it to your shower! hope you got a nice haul of stuff :) and i think the name is perfect! i am so excited for you and cant wait till he comes so i can see pictures!

Stephanie & Jamie said...

I didn't know you decided on a name! I love dezmon, I thought of that name when I was pregnant, but Jamie grew up with a friend with that name, so he said no, but I love it!! I am so excited for you!