Monday, October 18, 2010

St George and Since...

It's been aWHILE since the last update!
Since then, Kelsi can now say she's a marathoner! Very exciting.
Both Dayvisson and Kelsi gave talks in PORTUGUESE (straight up) a few weeks ago...Kelsi attempted without it being written...keyword here was attempted and followed the spirit.
Dayvisson has begun the GMAT study-marathon.
We started going to institute..religiously..which has been in a single word AMAZING. We go to UVU (Dayvisson said it was the best institute experience and recommended GO!!). We love the Friday once a month class for married couples where they provide dinner and have 2 wonderful speakers. We're also going to the Joseph Smith History class as well, which is also very good (teacher is grrrrrrrrreat!).

For Dayvisson's week off this past week...what can I say, it's been a BLAST!!
We went this past Friday to a Brasilian party where they had an AWESOME DJ (best dance we've been to in a while), and we heard that after we left the cops came to shut them down because of "disturbing the peace". Aweesomeeee! :) Juuuuust kiddin. We also watched Karate Kid..pretty decent for a remake.

Saturday Dayvisson went paint-balling for an elders quorum activity, Kelsi went to ZUMBA for 2 hours...weirdy. And we had an awesome dinner with the Nettos family. Fernanda looks awesome and she is ready to rock and roll to receive the newest member of their family any day now!!!

Sunday we had a great lunch and went to a Musical fireside for our ward, which was so beautiful. Very talented singers and wonderful musical selections! Not to mention the refreshments were pretty much a 4 course meal. And for some reason, it felt like the holidays are no longer months feels like days until we start listening to Christmas music! Hahahaha!

It's been a great week together!! Looking forward to our anniversary in less than a month!!! Holy COW!! Happiest 3 years!!

Ate mais!


Freitas Adventures said...

We are so happy to hear so many amazing and wonderful things going on in your lives!

We wish you always the best. You are amazing people and GREAT FRIENDS!!!!!

Miss u dear family =)

Andrew and Alicia said...

WOot woot! Go Kels! Oh ya, she is a finisher!

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