Saturday, October 23, 2010

Brasilian Domestication Project

So this past weekend, I (kelsi) was issued the challenge of making authentic Brasilian food to share with some co-workers of mine in our program. Sometimes I really think I can do things in no-time flat and they end up being done in...a lot more time! But hey! 2 hours of cooking turned out to be WORTH the wait!

FYI: Pumpkins at Macys (the grocery store, not the department one hahaha), are only 9 cents a lb! What a steal!! I'll have to post pictures! The little guy was commented by the checker to be "the best pumpkin I'd ever seen!" Yes, we are proud parents of a 5 pounder orange wonder and we're thinkin it's a male...possibly will name him "Curt". He was 69 cents people! Lucky parents we are! hahahaha Funny enough this will be our first pumpkin we have EVER carved...I can never seem to have the gust-O to purchase something that will decay momentarily...but this was a deal so what could i say?

Anyway! The fare was complete with authentic beans with coveeeeee...don't know how to spell THAT one..., rice in our NEW and awesomely exciting rice cooker from the great and spacious COSTCO, saladinha (tomatoes and onions chopped by our talented participants), passionfruit juice, and wait for it...pudin for dessert!

So I say I'm Brasilian domesticated now because today I'm required to bring and make yet again pudin de leite. Suffice it to say the world will not spin of pudin does not there will be some for our Ward Activity tonight. AWESOME!

Also in Portuguese news...we have about 40 names to work out that are at least half Portuguese originated...Guarda, Portugal. I told Dayvisson it would be cool to finish the VERY LAST EPIC casamento in the new temple in Portugal!!!!! This was a spectacular idea until Dayvisson kindly reminded me that it would be at least another 3 years before it was completed and our ancestors would not like to probably wait anymore time...yeah ying and yang y'all. That's what it's all about. So we will be making some double trips or getting creative here in these next months to reunite with eachother!

Another few days until Dayvisson's off!!! I'm starting on putting together a lit review to hopefully finish my program (or my thesis and defense) in at least a year and a half!! Pudin is cooking!!! Preparing for the Halloween half marathon next week (what the devil get I get talked into!?!?!). Making lOaDs of brown rice! And a partridge in a pear tree...

Ate Mais!!!

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