Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Last Friday's Water fight

I guess it was a little over a week ago...but the water balloon fight that we had at BYU was part of what totally made the weekend awesome!

Our friend Kris decided to surreptitiously gain control of my camera.
The following is the result of her endeavors...

What a stud! I think this is one of his famous poses The HULK. Others include The Thinker (probably his all-time fav) and other takes on pensive poses...

So I'd thought I'd post the pics to show how drenched we were...but these photos are truly not doing what actually happened justice.

The one on the left is the BEFORE PIC:

And the one on the right was the AFTER...

I guess it goes to show how HOT and scorching it was that day. But, awesome shirts right?
A good time was had by all...and we went swimmin' at Jill's place right after.

We <3 Summer!!

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