Saturday, July 31, 2010

What a Week!

Sometimes...on occasion...Kelsi forgets she's American...
At least while cooking!
So, to my surprise making a very "American" dish like Taco Salad seemed to light up my cooking life! How does that happen? I guess after making beans, rice, and all things considered "real food" I forget what I used to have as a kid, and not all of it was kraft macaroni and cheese!

For some reason, this week's cooking adventures were weirdly familiar, but not at the same time.
Other news...
Last weekend was probably one of THEEEEE best ever!!
It was Festa Junina which meant: amazing "real food", some forro and Brazilian Square dancing (i can't spell it in portuguese), meeting some awesome people and practicing portuguese, AND to top it all off...FUTBOL!!!! Yes my friends, the soccer fanatic will never fade...even after years of being an old maid...i'm afraid my kids will have to put up with my insatiable soccer tendencies...

Other than that, the weekend was so awesome because...
Dayvisson had his week off!! Looking back, not quite sure exactly what we did,
just being together is happy and good feeling enough to know life is complete.
And we had a wonderful Sunday. Just resting, good meetings, had pot roast and stuff for lunch with peach cobbler for dessert and got to see Kika, Helga, and Olivia.
Got to listen to Elder Holland speak up at Aspen Grove!
We found out we qualify to both graduate from institute together, which is fun (Dayvisson and me...not Elder Holland and me...that would be kinda awesome, but that's not happening..hahaha).
So, we're planning on taking more institute classes in fall together at UVU,
one which includes a dinner/gospel study night on every other Friday!!!
Doesn't that sound AWESOME!?!?
Whomever thought that one up...deserves a hug. Very inspired. :)

our cousin Tyler just got back from his mission this week! So that is also very exciting for the Utah Woods and just remembering when Todd and Ryan got twilight-zoney to think that happened...4 years ago? more or less. we study, I run 20 miles today (yikes?!?! What kinda crazy does that?!?!),
and we'll see what else, but life is happy, fun, normal, and simple for now.
Hope everyone has an awesome week up ahead!


Freitas Adventures said...

We are happy you guys are having fun this summer...just wait for next year..Freitas (hopefully) will be there!

Stephanie & Jamie said...

That all sounds so great! I miss talking with you, and way to go on the running! You are a stud!