Wednesday, August 5, 2009

My next attempt to post pics...hopefully it works!!!

This was about a week ago...
But it was Sarah´s birthday party! All the girls got dressed up! Sarah turned 7!!!

Me, Sarah, Sue-ellen, e Sophia

I helped make coxinha!!! It doesn´t actually take 5 hours to maybe I´ll make it more often! rsrsrsrs

I made ¨chocolate chip cookies¨ (they didn´t have chips, so we settled for sprinkles rsrssrsrs) and snickerdoodles.

Salgados e doce! Mainha and Danielle!

Chocolate Cake and coconut everything else!

Cleumar e Danielle!!! Com Roberto Carlos!

Deborah was a little attached to the Roberto Carlos dvd she got for her birthday...rsrsrs

Danielle putting the finishing touches on the cake!

Daysi and the birthday girl!

Mainha e Sarah! Bonitinha!


Parabens pra Sarah!

Cutting the cake!

I think Avo got the first slice!!!

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Rachel said...

Kels! You look so great! I loved looking through all your pictures you put up! Brazil looks amazing!

p.s. u.s. vs. el salvador in Sandy, UT sept. 5....if you're going to be here you should PROBABLY go :)

love you kels!!