Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Downtown Campina Grande!!


I really don´t remember what the name of this is...but it´s beautiful and it´s kind of a big landmark for the city. It looks like a postcard to me! rsrsrs

Some statues downtown!

Palmtrees! You don´t see that in NY! rsrsrsrs

When we first went to one of these I had no idea what was going on...but now I´m a regular! rsrsrs

One of the many churches downtown...

The Parque de Crianças!!! This is where I go to the library!!!

The Library!!!!! I go here for my interviews and find out more!!

Cool animals next to the park.

Really funny...right before lunch, the roads get really full of kids coming home from school. I was late to take a good picture of the roads really full, but I think it´s really funny because it´s like clockwork. Every day. right after school. home. for...LUNCH!!!! dun dun DUN!!!
Just an awesome picture of houses in Brazil!

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