Saturday, August 28, 2010

I simply couldn't post more...

The pictures from our recent road trip are more on facebook since it's 5000000000 x 10102939420439 times easier to post. We're more of a picture/scrapbook type of blogging fam in case anyone hasn't noticed..

SO, since getting back from our roadtrip (which was about 3 days in Vegas, 4 days in Anaheim a block away from Disney :), and 3 days in St George)...we've gotten back into the swing of work and preparing for work/school.

This past week:
- Dayvisson's gone back to working the week on schedule,
- We did baptisms for the dead for my Mom's side of the family with Jill on Wednesday morning which was incredible,
- Kelsi started training to teach activity classes on campus (raquetball and swimming!! yeah-yer!)

Also just a RANDOM point...I've been doing my long runs in preparation for the st george marathon in October. One thing I've been finding really not so fun and sometimes REALLY fun is to experiment fueling.

JUST FOR ANYONE WHO MIGHT BE WONDERING ABOUT FUELING FOR A MARATHON...gels are probably theeeee most disgusting thing I have ever tasted in my life.. SO, if u ever find yourself wondering what u can do to help yourself out on a 2+ hour big run...that might not be something you'd enjoy. I purchased a few to try, but literally almost gagged on the pavement...oh boy! These types of things really fascinate me if I do things all tudo certo...but if not, YIKES! FUELING IS HUGE!

I know everyone is different, but I honestly haven't a clue who would actually promote those was strawberry banana poweber gel. just putrid. i'm glad to throw that option out after the test trial today! hahahahaha

So good luck this week to everyone who's starting the school life back again. Rolling up the sleeves and ready to go! Hasta le vista!

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