Saturday, June 5, 2010

Good time to reflect

So, i promise that i won't be lazy tomorrow and I'll actually post some pics...and CLAUDIA i gotta get u urs!!!! So we can swap gmail add's and get the ball rolling. I hope I hope!
Just reflecting on our past vacation with the Freitas Fam and some Fam in Benicia. It really was a rejuvinating and jump start vacation. A great way to recharge our love and appreciation for friends, having fun, and remembering the bigger picture!! And in Benicia, I think I've been somewhat of a slacker with cleaning, but really remembered what tough service can feel like. Not to mention bearing a more comfortable and confident testimony to members of our family that we know of the power of the plan of happiness. And it was way cool to apply Elder Bednar's talk from last conference, just really felt that it spoke volumes on what we can improve on in very simple ways.

So, it's back to work. Back to the mundane life of routine and scheduled times, which doesn't involve hiking a historic mountain, living in a foreign country, or looking at a blast from the past...but it's great to have a happy constant wherever we go and wonderful that we have been able to do everything together. What a blessing!

Again, sorry for the lack of cool pics, but promise they are coming. There are some real hilarious ones...i mean, come on..we're the Da SILVAS! :)


Clara Schettini said...

estamos esperando as fotos engra├žadas....hehehe...

Freitas Adventures said...

Love you girl!!!!!!!!!!
Yes, I need to send u ursssss, as well.

Miss you tons!