Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Peru and Renewal

It's so funny!! Dayvisson and I have bought tickets and planned going to see our friends/family in Arequipa Peru for 2 weeks and 2 days, yet it seems to surreal to imagine! Luckily, we got a pseudo taste of Peru by going to an awesome Peruvian restaurant near the mall for a date night last Friday. It was so delicious and SO much like Brazil! We even went crazy over a side of Yucca! It makes me so happy when Dayvisson kinda "lights up" for yucca on the menu! :) We love our Brazilian food!

Today however, we went to our friend Craig's mother's funeral. She passed away May 1st due to a terminal case of cancer in her brain. Extremely difficult to imagine and I just have a hard time dealing with anyone's loss. It makes me think of the possibility of losing my own parents and no matter when that might happen, I know that whomever goes through a loss, there must be the support of a Loving Heavenly Father. Craig gave a summary of his mother's life and that was when I think I lost it, but he was so strong and had wonderful memories to tell. I really admire that. After the service at the church, they dedicated her site at the Provo Cemetery.

There is something so odd to me about new life and old life and how they respond to eachother...I mean when children or infants attend funerals or go to grandma's house or go to a senior just seems like looking at the broad spectrum of things in a really unique way. I've always felt one optimistic way in taking care of children and in a different solemn way when talking with older adults.

After the services, Jill, Dayvisson, and I all went to the temple. The experience was so fitting. I felt the spirit so strong and felt so much love for the plan of salvation. There's nothing like the smiles of the temple workers and doing temple work to make you feel so grounded in doing something positive. I felt like I recognized one of the sisters faces to be one of my favorite teachers Dr. Barney, but she didn't have his last name and was just a jokester about it all. As I was there I was just bawling and was quickly comforted by that specific sister whom I felt like I knew so well. Just so uplifting! The temple grounds in Provo are actually looking alive and beautiful now with lots of colorful tulips and flowers. Gorgeous!

It was a beautiful day, a beautiful reminder, and my testimony is always growing of the truthfulness of the plan of salvation and the happiness it can bring!

And with that, we're excited to have such an opportunity to go to Peru next week! Hope I don't forget my sunscreen!!! :) See you soon Freitas family!!!

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