Saturday, October 11, 2008

Kelsi's carotid artery internship at the senior olympic games!

Brushin those teeth for the big day ahead! We stayed at a member's house and woke up at 6!
Our official name tags with yarn.
Sportin the tags!Our official station at the screenings.The crew gettin ready for the athletes! Rebekah is the blurry runner in the background!The rush!
We think Rebekah got pink eye...and might have scared a few athletes...just kiddin!
Rebekah got some sweet glasses for her "disease". And this is us at our free meal. Yum yum!
So much work, Dr. Hager had to take a nap!
The whole crowd at the end of our two day stay.
To finish it off we got to watch a movie!

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Rachel said...

cute pictures kels! run baby ruuuun!