Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Summer 2008: Our roadtrip

On our way over to Florida we got a free night in Las Vegas and stopped at the nearest InNout. The next day we took a tour at Hoover Dam, went through Nevada, Arizona, and New Mexico. We stayed the night in Navajo, New Mexico (there were a lot of tepees at the side of the road). The next day we woke up and finished New Mexico, Texas, and Louissiana. We stayed the night in Louissiana and we could already tell the difference between Utah and Louissiana in terms of humidity the first night. The next day there was a crazy storm in Louissiana, but we made it through the rest of the trip finishing in Jacksonville. Great trip
This is me at Hoover Dam trying to make enough energy as the Hoover Dam by moving a wheel as fast as I can. I did pretty well considering my massive biceps.

While in Jacksonville, we hit a couple of beaches! Our last beach that we went to was the best. We tried to build a sand castle, but gave up about five minutes into it. It was my first experience with warm salt water and the Atlantic Ocean. I got burned a few times being a white meat, but I think I’m tenderizing well.

Before we left Florida, we decided to make the most out of our experience by going to Disneyworld. We loved Animal Kingdom! The rides were great, the shows were awesome, and the food was good! Epcot was pretty exciting as well, and it was neat to see what was actually in the huge silver ball. We took pictures with Mickey and Goofy, saw the Lion King showcase, went on a safari, road on a ferri to the magic kingdom, ate a big turkey leg, saw the night time show, and oddly enough we didn’t run into any lines. It was great!

They had really awesome hedges that we took pictures with at Epcot.

Us with Mickey!

In front of Animal Kingdom looking ferocious!

Inside Ellen Degeneres's ride of energy!

We were in Florida for about a month and a half, but decided to come back home to Provo to work up at BYU’s Alumni Family Camp Aspen Grove. Our way back, we traveled in two days through Tennessee, Nebraska, Georgia (and saw the baseball stadium), Wyoming, Iowa, not in that order. So we've been working in the mountains! Dayvisson is a cook and Kelsi is a dining hall employee. It's different from last summer, but it's been a great one. What we're up to now? We're coming up on our 8 months tomorrow, and going to Tyler's farewell soon for his mission.

Also this summer, we had our first family BBQ on the 4th of July. Dayvisson made bacon wrapped chicken, pinapple, chicken, pork, and top sirloin. Kelsi made muddie buddies and water balloons! We played soccer, had a waterballoon fight, and watched the fireworks from the Provo temple lawn. Todd, Rachel Stolworthy, Diana Gardner, Fonseca and Ronnie with their wives, Edson, Claudia, Craig Foster, Nate Duncan, Sydney Carter, Matt Gardner, Ryan, and Amelie. It was a ton of fun and Kelsi hopes we have another one soon!!!

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